Sivia Harding Knit Designs


imageI am a person who loves knitting and all fibery pursuits, surprise! Other than knitting and spinning, my favorite activities are reading, history, old music and films from the 40s, and messing around with my camera, not necessarily in that order.

As for my own history, I will go back even farther than my knitting life since that has been rather short…

I have always been interested in fiber arts, and when I was 14 years old, I participated in fiber classes at my local Art Museum (High Museum in Atlanta, GA) which resulted in pieces that were shown in the museum shop. After this introduction, I was never without fiber work in one form or another, but I didn’t find my way to knitting until the year 2000. By that time, I had worked in the graphic design field for several years and had a degree in painting and printmaking under my belt, so it wasn’t a huge stretch to begin designing with my new skill.

After contacting members of the West Coast Knitters’ Guild online, I became a member. One day a large box full of fine undyed yarn was donated to the guild, and since no one seemed to know what to do with it, I offered to handpaint the yarn and make lace shawls to sell as a fund-raiser project for the Guild’s yearly charitable contribution. A discussion arose about whose patterns to use for these shawls, and since copyright was an issue, I offered to design new ones. Several of my most popular lace shawl designs resulted from this guild project.

Now I am a knitwear designer known mainly for my work with beads and lace. I also design accessories and garments, as well as specializing in Moebius knitting.

I love teaching because of the cross-pollination of ideas and enthusiasm that happens in a class setting. I am a warm and open instructor and often feel that I get the better part of the bargain since I learn so much from my students.

My design work has been widely published under my own name, in many books and other collections including Jared Flood’s Wool People series, and in online magazines such as Twist Collective and Knitty.