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As a teacher, I appeal to the creative spirit, and few students remain untouched by my verve and passion for the craft of knitting. In my classes, technique – though important – is a means to an end: the delight of following the joyful knitting muse wherever it may lead.

Both my technique and my project classes and workshops serve as a jumping off place for discussions on all sorts of related knitterly things. Students will often find themselves inspired to experiment outside the realm of the original technique or project, sometimes coming up with highly original ideas of their own as a result.

One of my specialties is, of course, knitting with beads. I particularly love the magical effects that are conjured up when beads are used in conjunction with lace, cables, and other textural elements. My classes almost always contain some type of exploration of this exquisite partnership.

I consider myself to be a knitting mentor and I love what happens when knitters and budding designers are freed from the self-critical inner voice that can inhibit joyful creative work. I offer a safe place for play and discovery in my classes; all learning styles are welcome and all questions are heard. My classes are ideal settings for the transmission of inspiration and joy of craft.

I am also available for one-on-one tutorial sessions. Please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for availability, or use the contact form.

Here are a few of the subjects that I am prepared to offer in class and workshop format, listed below in alphabetical order. I am able to also customize classes for your shop or venue. Please contact me for a workshop prospectus.

Bead Whimsy!

Does bling make your heart sing? Learn how to put beautiful beads in an assortment of stitch patterns, and in the process learn an amazing amount about knitting with beads in this hands-on tutorial. While working a small bracelet sampler, we explore four different beading situations while sampling learning firsthand about color effects with beads. You emerge with inspiration and tons of ideas. This class is 3 hours long.

Diamond Fantasy Shawl with Beads

Hone your lace knitting skills while immersing yourself in the fascinating rhythm of this tip-to-top diamond lace triangle shawl, which features a garter stitch lace edging worked at the same time as the stockinette lace body pattern. We learn the basics of chart reading and we examine intuitive ways to increase accuracy and speed in your lace knitting. Short-rowed points and attached I-cord edging complete the shawl, and blocking is thoroughly discussed. The crochet hook add-as-you-go bead method is introduced as an ideal embellishment for lace, and we discuss choosing the perfect bead for your project and other fine points of this versatile technique.This is a great project for beginning and experienced lace knitters alike. This class is 6 hours long.

Fill a Triangle with Lace

In this class we examine the structure of the top-down triangle shawl and insert our choice of lace patterns to create an original design, with an eye to shaping, esthetics, and flow. Charting patterns, shaping lace in pattern, modulation from one pattern to another, and using borders and edgings are discussed. Students receive the benefit of Sivia’s years of experience in designing innovative lace shawls and exceptional beaded lace. This workshop is the perfect blend of lace design skills, inspiration and discovery. You will learn all the skills you need to design your own top-down triangle shawl, and acquire many tools that carry over into other areas of knitwear design. This class is either a very packed 6 hours or a more leisurely 12 hours in length.

Fluency Gloves

Secret beads hide in the shadows, emerging only when you put on these ribbed fingered or fingerless gloves. Several interesting techniques are covered in this class: the easy swirled rib pattern which looks cabled, but is performed with simple increases and decreases; a special twisted stitch pattern (performed without a cable needle) adorns the thumb; and of course, the beads which must be strung onto the yarn before casting on. I provide a treasure trove of glove knitting tips and tricks, as well as basic chart reading skills. Pattern includes a graphic representation of how and where to work each stitch of the ribbed fingers, which flow beautifully out of the ribbed swirls on the hand. This class is 6 hours long.


Galatea is a remarkably versatile I-cord neckpiece that borrows techniques from both beading and knitting. We have huge fun in this class learning all about beads and their properties, and we get lots of practice crochet hooking beads. There are tons of possible modifications so each piece is completely unique. A perfect and very unique gift item.

Harmonia’s Rings: Moebius and More!

Moebius knitting has had a special place in my heart ever since I learned the basic technique from Cat Bordhi several years ago. Now (with her blessing), I teach Cat’s cast on along with my particular enhancements of this simple yet endlessly fascinating form.

The Harmonia’s Rings family of patterns use Cat Bordhi’s Moebius cast on to achieve the mysterious spiral neck shape, and feature a stitch pattern that creates concentric rings reminiscent of ancient architecture. This cowl sits cape-like over the shoulders, and suits a wide range of body types. This class introduces many techniques: the Moebius cast on, shaping and texture within the Moebius structure, and the charming beaded picot bind off, among others. We discuss customizing the shape to fit any body type. A tunic and a sweater based on the cowl are shown. This class is 3 hours long.

Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf

The Heart to Heart Beaded Scarf is a charmingly sweet bit of lace. This crescent shaped scarf, fetchingly strung with beaded hearts, combines garter stitch with a beaded lace border. Learn the easy sideways construction that accommodates any amount of yarn and features a clever slip-stitch tubular edging. In this class, students will learn some unusual lace stitches, tips for chart reading, strategies for keeping your place and reading your knitting, and how to place beads with the versatile add-as-you-go crochet hook method. This class is 3 hours long.

Knotty Scarflet

This small asymmetrical necklet is not as simple it seems. An addictively easy lace pattern provides the basis for bias shaping, and a scalloped border adds charm. You are done in a flash… knot up a corner and you’re on your way, or incorporate a beautiful button for a different look. The crochet hook add-as-you-go bead method is introduced as an ideal embellishment for lace, and we discuss choosing the perfect bead for your project along with other fine points of this versatile technique. A fantastic first lace project, and an engaging class for all levels. This class is 3 hours long.

Moebius and the Mysterious Stitch Mirror

Moebius knitting is endlessly fascinating! I have been entranced by the possibilities of this knitted form for many years now. In this class, I share the magic of designing for this half-twisted, one-edged shape that truly has no inside or outside. We learn what stitches best interact with the structure, in which, amazingly, patterns appear to be mirror image and reversed on either side of the cast on round. Which stitches will produce symmetry? There are some guidelines, but also ways to bend the rules and produce stitch patterns, not all symmetrical, that are interesting and beautiful. As we work a sampler cowl in worsted weight yarn, I guarantee that students will have many “aha” moments as we see stitch patterns develop in amazing and sometimes unpredictable ways. Many Moebius garments are shown as inspiration. This class is 6 hours long.

Moonrise Necklace

This necklace gets lots of notice, mostly from knitters who cannot believe it was knitted! A garden of beads is randomly strung onto lace weight yarn to produce a luscious, densely beaded necklace. Students employ stringing skills, learn how to manage a large number of strung beads, and use short rowed garter stitch to create a comfortable-to-wear and very unique and beautiful neckpiece. Guaranteed to be an addictive knit, and so desired as a gift! This class is 3 hours long. Kits from are available for this class.

Ophidian Beaded Shawlette

This top-down triangle shawlette is a perfect first lace project. We start off with a discussion of the triangle structure and learn my favorite tab start for top-down triangles. Shaping begins easily in simple garter stitch, which comprises the upper part of the shawl. Soon a lovely textured lace pattern emerges, which is embellished with crochet-hooked beads. We cover the basics of chart reading and discuss intuitive ways to increase accuracy and speed in your lace knitting. The crochet hook add-as-you-go bead method is introduced as a perfect embellishment for lace, and we discuss choosing the perfect bead for your project and other fine points of this versatile technique. This class is 3 hours long.

Rainshadow Scarf

This striped, asymmetrical garter stitch scarf features two different kinds of short rows: one for the little color wedges that flare the short edge, and one for the longer rows that go up and around toward the point. We learn about these two methods of short rowing (and why you need two!) while we work up a sample swatch utilizing these techniques. We talk about color striping and also do a bit of lace and beads. Warning: this scarf is a very addictive knit! This class is 3 hours long.

Sideways Lace Design

Side-to-side crescent shaped shawls are great fun to knit, and provide an easy introduction to designing. You will choose between a few basic options to begin your crescent shape, then we explore side-to-side knitted lace edgings and choose one to showcase in your shawl. We will discuss lace edgings, rates of increase and decrease, and charts. I present a no-fail method of producing a striking and unique lace garment! This class is 6 hours long.

Shapes of Lace

This class is a presentation of basic knitted geography. Ever want to knit half-circles, center-out squares, and everything in between? We delve into the fascinating world of knitted shapes, and we don’t stop there. We start there, and end up outside the box in an open-ended destination. We foray into inserting lace patterns into our chosen shapes with an eye to esthetics and flow, and talk about modulation between patterns, graceful endings, borders, and edgings. Many samples of shaped lace garments are shown as inspiration. This class is 6 hours long.

Toe Ups for All!

This class is a comprehensive introduction to toe-up sock knitting, suitable for all sock knitters, including beginners. Students start from their own stitch and row gauge and foot measurements to create a perfectly fitting sock. We start with Judy’s Magic Cast On and progress through my clearly explained gusseted heel flap construction. The class is demonstrated on 2 circular needles. Students receive my Toe-Ups for All! pattern template which includes an array of sock sizes for either sport or fingering weight yarn. This class is taught in 3 sessions of 2 hours each, or 6 hours total.

Wild Iris Moebius Cowl

Wild Iris is my latest Moebius creation, which adds the interest of a more complex stitch pattern and a buttoned, asymmetrical edge. We discuss everything Moebius plus lace edgings and beads. What’s not to love? This class is taught in 2 sessions of 3 hours each, or as a one-day 6 hour class.

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