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Spiral Beaded Neckpieces...Spirals of beads!

Four variations of one eye-stopping, unique design, all featuring spiral beaded I-cord. Beading is easy and fun, with no need for pre-stringing beads. Pattern is written out and consists of 6 pages.

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Spiral Beaded Neckpieces



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Smooth fingering or lighter weight yarn, such as Opal by Lang (58% nylon, 42% viscose; 155m/50g) or Elba by Needful Yarns (100% nylon, 140m/50g)  - 1 ball in color of your choice makes several.


Square Pouch Neckpiece: Pouch: 1.75” wide, 1.75” long; 
Mini-Frill Neckpiece: Frill is 3” wide at end (slightly fanned), 4.5” long
Abalone Shell Neckpiece: Shell and bead embellishment measures about 4.25”
Round Pouch Neckpiece: Pouch:1.75” wide, 1.5” long


28 stitches, 26 ridges (52 rows) = 4” over garter stitch bead pattern

materials errata

Ravelry users:


Page 6, under “Instructions for Round Pouch Neckpiece”, Row 15 should read: Row 15: K2, (place bead on yo st loop and knit the st, k2,) 3 times, place bead on yo st loop and knit - 14 sts