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Barbara Gundle

The Book of Cowls...

A collection of seven cowls for all seasons with matching cuffs, to be updated over the course of four seasons.

This volume came about because of my increasing obsession with cowls… shaped cowls, slim cowls, fat cowls, and of course (my favorite), Moebius cowls. My first cowl was Harmonia’s Rings, which debuted in 2008. Sometime after, I saw with pleasure that a nicely fitted cowl made with lofty, warm yarn could easily substitute for a jacket where I live in the Pacific Northwest. The only thing missing was something to keep my wrists warm.

Thus, the matching cuffs to go with each cowl.

I propose to you that this combination is good not only for warming the neck and arms, but also the heart. All my designs spring from thence. I hope you enjoy making these cowls and mitts in all the seasons.

Wear them lightly, and wear them well.

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The Book of Cowls



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