Fiber arts has been a life-long passion. When I was only 14 years old, I took fiber classes at my local Art Museum. Imagine my surprise when some of my pieces were displayed in the museum store! I was smitten. Though I was never without fiber work in one form or another, I didn’t find my way to knitting until 2000. By then, I had been a graphic designer for several years and earned a degree in painting and printmaking. It wasn’t a huge stretch to begin designing with my new-found skill of knitting.

Eager to connect with other like-minded artisans, I joined the West Coast Knitters’ Guild. One day, a large box full of fine undyed yarn was donated to the guild and since no one seemed to know what to do with it, I offered to handpaint the yarn for lace shawls to sell as a guild fund-raiser. We talked about patterns to use and since copyright was an issue, I offered to design them. The project was a success! This guild project inspired some of my most popular lace shawl designs.

But design was not enough. I was drawn to the classroom. I discovered I love to teach as a way to connect with warm and open students. Please check my class listings to get an idea of what I'm teaching currently.

I am so honored to be widely published. My work has appeared in many books and collections including Jared Flood’s Wool People series and in online magazines such as Twist Collective and Knitty. My patterns are known for being innovative in their use of embellishment (especially beads), shape, and structure. I think they are fun and easy to follow as well.

I love to hear from knitters. Please join my community here and on Ravelry, where we explore new patterns through KnitAlongs and lively discussions.

My pattern wholesaler is Stitch Sprouts. Contact them for printed patterns for your shop.


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